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User Input Testing!
Exercises for Programmers

PHP is a server-side programming language. The code is executed on the server before being sent to the user's browser. Because PHP code runs on the server, it's necessary to reload the web page to see any changes made in response to user input. The examples provided here use PHP to show how user data can be collected and processed, with a bit of JavaScript used to make the page return to its original position after the user submits their data.

JavaScript is a client-side programming language that runs directly in the user's web browser. This allows for real-time changes and interactions with the user interface, without requiring a page reload. Clicking the Javascript button will disable the buttons on this page, to show that interactions will occur with solely the user's inputs.

The Vue button will take you down to check out some Codepen's that use the Vue framework to solve some of these examples.


Little apps to solve everyday problems...

  • hello

    Welcome message for you

  • quote

    Famous quote said by a person

  • madlib

    Building out a phrase

  • retirement

    Retirement isn't too far away

  • area

    Calculate the area of the room in feet?

  • count string

    Count the characters in your word.

  • driving age

    Can you drive??!

  • interest

    Simple Interest Computing

  • paint

    How many gallons of paint do you need to cover the entire ceiling?

    350 feet requires 1 gallon of paint.
  • password

    Login Check!

    *Hint: JohnDoe *Hint: 1020World
  • simple math

    Lets do some simple math?

Vue is a progressive JavaScript framework. A framework is a library that provides developers with a set of tools and functions to simplify and accelerate the development of web applications. These are similar forms built with Vue!