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Shoto characters generally serve as the base point for various fighting games, having a well-rounded move-set that teaches the fundamentals of the game to newcomers. CAPCOM coined the term for their mascot character Ryu and thus the term evolved to represent that form of character. A Shoto is a Fight Game Character Stereotype that is now used to define a character with special moves that mirror Ryu’s Hadouken, Shoryuken, and Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku. In other words, a character that has a fireball, a flying anti-air, a physical attack that travels forward is often considered a shoto.


Charge Characters tend to be aggressive fighters who thrive on applying lots of pressure to their opponent and dealing lots of damage with their charged-up attacks. While their fighting nature may be similar, almost every Charge Character plays differently from one another, but all serve their role as dominant, in your face, and full of momentum.Charge Characters in fighting games are unique fighters who have most of their moveset based on charging their attack by holding back (or down) for roughly three-quarters of a second and then quickly pressing forward (or up) plus an attack button to execute their Special Attacks.


A grappler is a character that fights mostly by grappling and throwing their opponents. Usually, they will have poor long-range capability, but are extremely powerful point-blank, so their matches turn into contests of whether the enemy can stay out of their 'Instant Death' Radius long enough to kill them. It is also very common in more modern fighting games for characters to have Super Armor along with strong defensive tools. Those that chose to play this style often go for big reads on their opponents by understanding the mindstate of the player.


Zoners are characters that seek to fight opponents as far away from them as possible, employing the use of projectiles and long pokes rather than combos and close-range combat. While many newcomers may dismiss zoners are irritating to fight as they 'do nothing but spam projectiles,' there are numerous nuances within the archetype and strategies that must be employed if a Zoner player seeks victory.